For a fraction of what you charge your clients,
you could get our help and see results like... 

  • One B2B client of Lynn's went from $0/month to $30,000/month in less than 90 days after implementing a funnel and offer she suggested, using copy she wrote for his business

  • One software developer client went from relying on referrals to having a way to qualify clients that paid him $2,500 and up-sold to a full project 70% of the time

  • That same software developer also earned $18,000 more per year per contract while working fewer hours than before

  • Another client launched an entire 5-part funnel in less than 60 days with Lynn's help and advice

  • Yet another client now has a 7 figure business using social media strategy Lynn suggested

  • Another client earned almost $12,000 in the first month after launching a new supplement, using copy Lynn wrote for him in less than a week -- all without advertising

  • Another client earned $9,467 in a week on a soft launch of a course - no ads! - using copy Lynn wrote

Why Choose Direct Response Marketing for Your Technical Consulting Business?

More Leads, More Clients, More Revenue

Whether you're a team of one or one hundred, almost every tech consulting firm says they want three things: more qualified leads, more clients, and more revenue month over month. With direct response marketing at IDRM, you will finally know EXACTLY how effective your marketing is - or isn't. So you can finally control how fast your business grows because you're only doing what actually moves the  needle. 

Increased Marketing ROI

Let's face it: Marketing can be expensive if you aren't seeing return on investment. With direct response marketing, you'll learn how to measure the ROI of everything you do, so you can STOP spending where it doesn't work and SPEND MORE on where it does. The net result? You can turn every $1 spent into $10, $200, or even $2000 in revenue. (We'll help you calculate this, too!)

Improved Client Results

Direct response marketing by IDRM positions you as an expert, which allows you attract higher quality leads than when using other methods. And when you attract the RIGHT clients for your business, you'll find that they're more likely to respect your authority, implement your suggestions, and get positive results. And clients who get positive results give positive feedback and send referrals your way.  

If you've ever launched a website, posted on social media, or run advertising like Facebook or Google advertising, it's possible you know how frustrating it can feel to imagine a stampede of leads running to contact you... 

... only to feel disappointed when your time, effort, and money result in absolutely no new sales for your business at the end of the month. 

But what if... 

  • You could control who came into your database, and guarantee that the majority of the leads were good fit prospects for what you had to sell?
  • You could predict, within a consistent range, how many leads would turn into buyers?
  • You could manufacture an environment where people continued to purchase from you at higher and/or more frequent amounts... and were actually happy about it? 
  • You could hold each marketing dollar accountable for itself, and know how to gauge the effectiveness of any marketing campaign?
  • You could STOP doing ineffective marketing and make marketing decisions based on data, rather than gut feelings?
  • You could sleep well at night knowing your business always receives a steady stream of new leads each and every day? 
  • You knew how to make yourself "competition-proof", so that your market looked to you as the "gold standard" rather than the other guys? 
  • You actually made more revenue at the end of each and every month?

At IDRM (formerly "Indiana Direct Response Marketing"), ☝️☝️☝️ the above is exactly what we'll help you accomplish. Contact us to learn more about how we can make the above a reality for your business.

Praise for the IDRM Team

I've worked with Lynn on a couple of projects now, and I think she's fantastic. Lynn is highly intelligent, articulate, and has the most marketing knowledge of almost anyone I've worked with in my career. She's a talented writer with that rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires, from the casual to the most formal. Perhaps most importantly, she knows how to create content that delivers what most of us are looking for: results. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional copywriter and marketer who can generate real results.

Susan Baroncini-Moe 

Business in Blue Jeans 

As a fellow copywriter and in her writing role, I trust Lynn with B2B, finance, and serious tone topics that the conversion content for will be placed in front of an intelligent audience. Leaders wanting increased conversions in such marketplaces would do well to hire Lynn, as we have.

Jason Kanigan

The Closing Engine
Cold Star Technologies

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