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It's Time to Hold Your HubSpot Marketing Accountable.

If you're like most B2B firms who use HubSpot, you signed up because you wanted to make the most out of the platform. And one of the best first steps to starting HubSpot Inbound Marketing is to create a lead generating funnel. We created a handy guide to get that project started. Click the blue button to download it now.

The Accountable Marketing Blog

IDRM CMO Lynn Swayze talks about how you can make your B2B marketing more accountable and profitable. 

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I've worked with Lynn on a couple of projects now, and I think she's fantastic. Lynn is highly intelligent, articulate, and has the most marketing knowledge of almost anyone I've worked with in my career.

She's a talented writer with that rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires, from the casual to the most formal. Perhaps most importantly, she knows how to create content that delivers what most of us are looking for: results. Lynn is friendly, energetic, and she has great ideas.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an exceptional copywriter and marketer who can generate real results.

Susan Baroncini-Moe

Executive Consultant, Business in Blue Jeans

At my time as co-founder of The Closing Engine, Lynn was our operations director as well as copy chief. I have known Lynn for many years, and one of the most astonishing things she did prior to working with TCE was straight up give us a process for improving our marketing through co-branded mini-courses with other experts. It was an excellent way to increase our top quality content production and audience size.

Her documentation, while electronic, was the equivalent of being handed a stuffed, ultra-organized folder of How To information. It was incredible and easy to implement.

I rely on Lynn for process documentation and control assistance and know the work will be the very best. Disorganized or unorganized founders and CEOs will discover amazingly practical "how did I live without this before?" tactical operations outcomes in working with her.

As a fellow copywriter and in her writing role, I trust Lynn with B2B, finance, serious tone topics that the conversion content for will be placed in front of an intelligent audience. Leaders wanting increased conversions in such marketplaces would do well to hire Lynn, as we have.

Jason Kanigan

CEO, Cold Star Technologies

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