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What makes you different from other marketing agencies?

Indiana Direct Response Marketing agency focuses on the only kind of marketing that matters when you don’t have a single red penny to waste – results-oriented marketing. In marketing circles we call this “direct response”, because the marketing we create for you is immediately trackable with a clear call to action. On the other end of the spectrum is indirect marketing, such as branding or search engine optimization. That’s not to say that branding and SEO aren’t important, it’s just that when you don’t have money to waste, we want to be absolutely sure that your marketing budget gets you results you can take to the bank.

What kind of marketing do you do?
We do “direct response marketing”. In practice, that means marketing strategy, campaign (sales funnel) development, sales emails, sales pages, direct mail (letters, postcards, etc), space ads, webinars, VSLs, lead magnets, and white papers. We also do complete funnels (“TOFU, MOFU, BOFU”) and “high ticket funnels”. Most of our work involves a lot of sales copywriting.

How much do you charge?

In short, we charge much less than what you’ll make in return. Our standalone packages run between $299 and $15,997, which are a fraction of the investment in your growth many Indiana marketing firms will request.

Do you offer any guarantees?

YES! In fact, we offer an audacious Triple Guarantee which protects you against the most common risks organizations face when hiring an outside marketing firm.

What kind of “proof” do you have?

What kind would you like to see? You can see the clients our team has worked with, our marketing stats, our training and certifications, and our success stories. Note that we’re continually in the process of gathering more data and compiling new case studies, so please check back often.

Can I see your portfolio?

Of course! Please fill out the portfolio request form here. Note that we do not share samples from within the industry you work in to protect the clients we’ve worked with.

Do you have a staff, or are you a “solopreneur” organization?

There’s no way we could produce top-quality marketing without having a team. Click here to learn more about our team of rockstars.

What kind of results can I expect?

That’s up to you! Your results depend entirely on your willingness to test new marketing messages and try marketing campaigns your competitors might not be doing, but which our experience and training has proven works. (And by works, we mean generate real money.) If you're into wasting your marketing budget for the sake of fulfilling some spending requirement... or if you really hate being profitable... then what we do isn't for you. However, if you're willing to run the appropriate traffic and test the copywriting we write for you, then you can count on at least a 10X ROI by 90-120 days of campaign launch. And if not, we'll tweak and retest until you do. 

What is working with you like?

Hopefully working with us will be the easiest "marketing agency" experience you've ever had. We're laid back but process-driven, so expect to know exactly what stage your project is in at any point, what's coming up next, and when we can expect to launch. You'll also have direct contact with your Client Engagement Manager, who'll keep you up-to-date on the status of your project and answer any questions you may have. You can expect that we'll take edits in stride, not act like "divas" about our work, and produce marketing which feels congruent to your brand and your audience.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you're a current client, then the best contact is your Client Engagement Manager. If you want to learn more about us and if we might be a good fit, you can talk to Adam by emailing him at Adam (at) indianadirectresponsemarketing (dot) com. 


What if I don’t like the copy created?

This depends on what you mean by "don't like". If "don't like" means, "I'm not sure this will work because no one else in the industry that I know of is using this," then we insist you run the copy and use DATA to make the call. If it's "don't like" because there are specific elements that don't feel congruent (such as specific phrasing your buyers might use), then we definitely want to hear it.

However, we've rarely had MAJOR edits come back to us from clients who've gone through the proper "Copy-Ready Marketing Research" process before beginning a full project with us. Either way, expect us to listen to your concerns carefully and respond with respect and data to back up why we're doing what we're doing. And if edits are needed, great! We'll take care of them within 72 business hours.