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We know you have many options available to you. You could do your marketing internally, as you've probably done since the start. You could hire a fancy "brand agency", who promises you "exposure" and "brand awareness" (whatever that means). You could even hire a famous business consultant, who'll no doubt double your revenue... as long as you can pay the six figure fees! 

Or, you could hire us. Indiana Direct Response Marketing is a little bit different than many other agencies you'll find, and we firmly believe this difference is HUGELY beneficial to you. Here's a list of what we feel sets us apart from the rest and how your business will benefit from hiring IDRM to help with your marketing needs.


At the core of our business is the philosophy that marketing should be accountable. Which is why we're very big on gathering your baseline marketing data, measuring results along the way, and continually improving and optimizing those results. Because if your marketing isn't making money, why are you doing it? 


In order to know if the marketing we've created WORKS, we have to have data. Data such as opt-ins, click-through-rates (CTR), and even more... SALES... are what we'll track as we work together. Because your marketing should be just as accountable as every other department in your business. 


As we've mentioned elsewhere, we don't do all kinds of marketing. Obviously, we don't do search engine optimization (SEO) even though we're versed in Google Analytics and other search optimization and page ranking techniques. We're also not a branding agency, although we're conscious of your brand when we create content. If you're looking for someone who'll gladly take your check for anything and everything, we're not the partner you need. Yet if you want marketing that works at prices you can afford, then we're here to help. 

High Touch

We're a small marketing agency, which means that you'll get personalized attention the entire way. You're not going to meet our CEO and then get passed off to some marketing intern. The copywriter whose portfolio you see is the copywriter who'll be writing for you, period. We're here for you until you decide to handle it on your own. (Although we hope you'll consider us valuable partners in your success for years to come.) 

Highly Trained

IDRM runs thanks to a small team of highly trained specialists. Following Adam and Lynn's rule of "hire specialists", each person on the team only has one domain they focus on. Even better, everyone on the team is trained in direct response marketing. We practice what we preach because it WORKS.

Flexible Payments

We get it - marketing can be an expensive investment up-front. Which is why we offer multiple payment options for those who need it, such as PayPal Credit, business credit referrals, and monthly payment plans. We also offer a discount for those who can pay the entire investment up-front, saving you thousands as a THANK YOU for prioritizing marketing in your budget. We'll gladly discuss all the options on the phone with you so you can make an informed decision before you begin a project with us.

Triple Guaranteed

Did I mention our work is triple guaranteed?! We safeguard your investment against the most common risks entrepreneurs and small businesses face when hiring a marketing firm. Click here to learn more about our audacious triple guarantee. 

Direct Response Focused

Our sole focus is direct response marketing and direct response copywriting. This is all we do, and even then, we specialize to certain types of direct response copy within that niche. We don't try to do it all, because we believe specialization breeds excellence.