What this “Marketer” Told Me SHOCKED ME

By Lynn Swayze | Marketing

I want to tell you a story about the conversation that lit my soul on fire about teaching small businesses how to market effectively. 

So, it was about April 2017 and at the time I lived in Bloomington, Indiana. At that time I spent my days working at a coworking space in town and regularly mingled with local entrepreneurs. 

One day, I sat outside eating lunch and enjoying the warm sun with one of these coworking entrepreneurs. 

Being a friendly sort of Hoosier, I finally asked, “So, what do you do?”

He smiled. “Oh, I’m an SEO consultant.” 

Great! I thought to myself. Another marketer I can geek out with! 

(Alas, ’twas not to be.)

Over the next few minutes, he explained what he did in more detail. He talked about dashboards, and keywords, and page ranks. All well and good. 

And then we got into the subject of ROI – return on investment. 

Ooh buddy, this did not end well. 

You see, I think return on investment is a big freakin’ deal

If you pay me $25,000 to help with your entire marketing campaign… 

… to research your business, your market, and your customer avatar…

… to create a Unique Mechanism which will make you “Google-proof”…

… to write 100+ pieces of copy and help you design metrics… 

… and then stay with you as you test it, and tweak it all…

You better bet that I’m going to be incredibly concerned about whether or not you recoup each and every red penny you invested … and then some. 

After all, my reputation is on the line…and so is your bottom line!

So imagine my utter shock and horror when I heard the answer the SEO consultant gave when I asked how he shows ROI to his clients.

First, he gave me a dumbfounded look.

Then, he squished his eyebrows together into a deep furrow.

And then he shook his head and said, “Oh yeah, there’s no way we can track ROI for them. In fact – I’ve never heard of anyone tying marketing spend to sales.

Let me repeat that.

This consultant….

… who was probably “earning” six figures working for a company charging good companies like yours tens of thousands of dollars a month … 

… who had a freakin’ marketing degree from a good school …


Please assure me you’re listening to what I’m telling you. 

There are marketing consultants who don’t know how to track marketing activities to actual revenue

This is bonkers. Totally bonkers.

Of course, I was absolutely horrified when he told me this. 

I can’t remember what I said in response, but I’m sure it was a polite form of “OMFG are you kidding me”. (Please pardon my language.)

This was an elephant-sized wake up call for me. 

knew that if this guy had never heard of tested, proven marketing like what I practice, that there were many others in the same boat. 

Which is why I co-founded IDRM LLP to spread the good word of tested and proven advertising and marketing.

I believe you deserve to have marketing that is reliable, accountable, and profitable.

Period. End of conversation. Finis. 


About the Author

Lynn Swayze is a direct response copywriter and the CMO of IDRM LLP. She helps firms identify and develop their "11 Marketing Factors" so they stand out in the crowd. She also helps firms make their marketing ACCOUNTABLE, so they do more of what works and begin to see ROI from their marketing efforts.